About Hudler Tree Farm

Dale Hudler
Owner/Field Operations/Sales

With years of experience, Dale brings his excitement and love of the real tree business to you and your order.  Dale enjoys hunting and outdoor exercise. Dale has 2 children.

Nancy Barker

Nancy has been in the real tree business for since 1993.  She handles all of our accounting and is invaluable during the harvest season. 

Nancy is married to Randy and has 2 children. 

The Ledezma Family
Year Round Crew

We couldn't do what we do without this family's hard work and dedication to the real tree industry.  They are experts in tree care, sheering and worker management.
Sam 2016 Sam Hudler

Sam works several jobs locally, helps a great deal during Harvest at the tree farm, and is a freshman at College. Sam's achedemic focus is business. Sam enjoys exercise, running, and the outdoors.

Maddie 2016 Maddie Hudler

Maddie helps at the Hudler Tree Farm office and is Dale's number one assistant when traveling to the trade shows. Maddie spends most her free time following her passion for dance. She is an accompished dancer and  dance instructor. Maddie is finishing the 8th grade.